World Cup Handball. Sixth World Title for the Blues against Norway

France take the lead and win Handball World cup against Norway

SPORT: France have won their sixth world title against Norway, 33-26 in the Final of the Handball World Cup …

France have won this Sunday a sixth world title by defeating Norway in the final. The Blues, manhandled throughout the first period returned up to halftime before rolling into second. A victory again thanks in part to extraordinary match Vincent Gérard in French goals. The young players have proven, everything suggests that the French handball still has good times ahead.

France who confronted Norway on Sunday in the final of the World Handball Championships begin their game well before folding under the guns of the Norwegians. Omeyer, yet author of a great parade in the early minutes, failed to repeat his exploits. The French, though many started by overpowering shots Niko Karabatic imprecise jets to 7 meters.

Norwegians 2-3 in front of goals throughout the half time face the rock Vincent Gérard end of halftime, allowing the Blues to go to the locker room with a goal ahead thanks to a realization of Mahé the gong.

Vincent Gérard yet decisive

From the restart, the Blues rely on the accelerator. A goal against followed by two spectacular saves from Vincent Gérard allow experts to take a small advance on mattresses Norway. An advance of growing thanks to Vincent Gérard Mutant game in goal. The French team are winners of the match and win their sixth world title.

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