Cold: The thermometer fell to – 19 ° in the Doubs

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Cold: The thermometer fell to - 19 ° in the Doubs 1

The cold wave settles over France. Very low temperatures were recorded on Friday, particularly in the east of France. Note that it was up to -19 ° C in Maîche Doubs this morning -15 ° C in Moselle or -14 ° C in the Vosges. We must also be careful on the roads to schools with freezing fog. The powerful cold air down from Scandinavia will continue to freeze France on Saturday.

Cover up! This Friday, it will still be very cold in France. The minimum can be as low as -7 to -8 degrees in Lorraine, Alsace and Franche-Comté to the Rhône-Alpes and Massif Central. They will be barely a positive temperature near the coast. During the day, the Northwest to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, the sky will remain cloudy.

Moreover, after a sometimes grey and misty morning, the sun will return generously afternoon over much of the country provides Météo France . However, some grey foggy areas can resist, including Val-de-Saône or plain of Alsace, at the foot of the Pyrenees or in some valleys of the Massif Central.

Very sunny weather also impose on the Alps and the Mediterranean regions despite some clouds on the Var but with a mistral in mitigation. In the lower valley of the Rhone, the mistral will be around 60 to 70 km/h gusts in the afternoon.

Prudence in Normandy

Since Thursday , the afternoon, there will be no thaw in the North-East quarter, until the Massif Central and Rhone-Alpes, with maximum not exceeding -4 to -1 degrees. It will be between 0 and 6 degrees over the western half of the country, 4-8 near the Channel and the Atlantic, 7-10 degrees to the Pyrenees and the South-east.

Caution over northern evening countries. A disturbance is announced, bringing a high risk of ice on the night of Friday to Saturday on the Hauts-de-France and Haute-Normandie.

Scandinavian cold

A wave of cold weather hitting france came from Scandinavia
A wave of cold came from Scandinavia. | Computer graphics Visactu

A powerful cold air down from Scandinavia will flow towards the center of Europe from Thursday, January 5th, warns Météo France. The air mass is going to cool off sharply before a softening expected from Sunday. The eastern regions of France will be affected by widespread frosts and strong Friday and Saturday. The thermometer may drop to -8 / -10 ° C in the plain of Alsace, or even -15 ° C locally.

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