A white coat covered the Dune du Pilat this Friday morning

Bassin d’Arcachon: The Superb Images of the All-White Dune du Pilat

COLD: The thermometer went down to – 6 ° C last night in Gironde creating a superb image on the Dune du Pilat Without being able to ski in the mountains , due to a health crisis, nothing prevents you from dreaming by going to the Dune du Pilat made… all white this Friday morning. The major frost episode that hit the Gironde overnight, […]

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A darkening sky during the day in the Charente

Weather in Charente: A Darkening Sky and Rain in the Evening

WEATHER FORECAST: The Charente will have an increasingly darkening sky throughout the day with rain arriving in the evening It is cool this morning in Charente, we note minus one degrees in the countryside and zero degrees in Angoulême. The sky is a little overcast on the northern half of the department this morning, with heavy […]

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A windy and Rainy day is forecast for the Sarthe

Weather in Sarthe: On Sunday, Expect a Rainy Day

The weather is rainy at sunrise in Sarthe this Sunday 23rd September, 2018. The weather is rainy at dawn in the northern part of France and the Sarthe does not escape this bad climate , this Sunday, September 23, 2018. The rain will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind with gusts in several towns of Sarthe. The temperatures will still me reasonably mildranging between 17 and 21 degrees . The return of the sun is forecast for […]

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After the rain in the morning, the sun returns in the afternoon to the Sarthe

Weather in Sarthe: After a Rainy Start, the Sun Returns in the Afternoon

After a rainy morning, the sun returns to Sarthe in the afternoon, with a temperature between 20 and 22 ° C. The weather in Sarthe, today, Thursday 13th September 2018 according to the latest forecast bulletin from Meteo France begins under a regime of clouds and scattered rain. At dawn, the temperatures should be between 14 and […]

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Heatwave, records broken but cooler this weekend

Heat Wave:Heat Records Beaten, Temperatures Down this Weekend

Friday, at the hottest part of the day, heat records were broken in the North. This Saturday, only three departments were still concerned by the orange alert. A record of 37.6 ° C degrees in Lille, more than 35 ° C over a large eastern half of the country. France has still perspired heavily on Friday because of the heat wave, […]

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Heat record for the

Charente: 36.1 Degrees at Couronne, Thursday is the Hottest Day of the Year

WEATHER: Heat records have been broken for the Charente, this Thursday, with it reaching just over 36 degrees … Heat record beaten for the Charente this Thursday. Meteo France has recorded a temperature of 36.1 degrees in La Couronne. It’s almost three degrees higher than yesterday (33.3 degrees). And it’s also more than the previous hottest day of […]

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Weather in Charente: Return of the Rain ? 1

Weather in Charente: Return of the Rain ?

WEATHER FORECAST: Rain was forecast yesterday for the Charente department, but it never arrived.  Today, Meteo France forecasts rain once again throughout the day … Meteo France had forecast rain yesterday for the Charente department, but it was the sun that dominated despite the appearance of grey clouds in the early evening. Today it seems like […]

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