Brittany: An Earthquake of magnitude 3.7 hits Brittany

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An earthquake of 3.7 magnitude hit Brittany in the Morning

An earthquake was felt on Saturday morning in central Brittany, at Loudéac in the region of Vannes. The ReNaSS (National Seismic Monitoring Network) indicates that this is an earthquake of magnitude 3.7 with its epicenter located near Pontivy at a depth of 10 km. The first evidence came from Plumelec, Questembert or Ploërmel, evoke a big roar and vibration.

The earth shook in Brittany, on Saturday morning, around 7.35 am. The tremor was felt in Vannes, Questembert, Ploërmel and to Loudéac. The epicenter was located 41 km north of Vannes, near Pontivy and Loudéac, at a depth of 10 km. According to the site  ReNaSS(National Seismic Monitoring Network), this is an earthquake of magnitude 3.7.

According Codis, in the Côtes d’Armor and Morbihan, this light earthquake did not need the intervention of firefighters. The point of impact of the earthquake, at a depth of 10 km, was located in a triangle between the towns of Loudéac (Côtes d’Armor) and those of Pontivy and Josselin (Morbihan).

128 shares, 250 “likes” , more than 530 comments on the Facebook page of ouest france in Vannes, testimonies have quickly poured in. Solenn speaks of a “loud roar” and his “house creaking” . Rémy abounds: “Felt movement, furniture creaky and coffee bowl trembling”. “Growl heard Saint-Ave” adds Celine.

Luna, she was out of bed by: “a sound that woke me up in Theix! “. A Monterblanc, “the house shook out,” says Damien. “A Brandivy windows trembled at 7:35” , adds Catherine. Some even felt two tremors. Some rumblings have been heard around 9:30 near Josselin.

On Twitter, users also reacted on Saturday morning, sometimes with humor:

Some, however, still had to sleep:

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Vivienne Kincaid

Was it the event that happened at UTC 06.35 that this article refers to? as recorded on with the following reports? or was this a separate incident that I did not experience? Sat, 7 Jan 06:35 UTC M 3.7 / 5 km – [info] FRANCE I FELT IT [Map] EMSC Remungol (France) (38 km W from epicenter)(no details): There was deep thundering noise (via EMSC) Loudéac (France) (32 km NW from epicenter)(no details): Huge bang went off, scared all of us, boxes had fallen on the floor in my garage (via EMSC) Josselin (9.2 km WSW from epicenter) /… Read more »

Yes I believe that it is the same earthquake