Touzac: A Young rider, Champion of France of Moto Cross

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The young rider, Thomas Baratange from Touzac has been crowned Motocross champion of France

MOTOCROSS:  Thomas Baratange, 19 years young driver installed in Touzac, was crowned motocross champion of France for his first. He will join the team of France.

For his first championship of France in the motocross, Thomas Baratange finished on the highest step of the podium. A title that makes the 19-year rider from Touzac, full  happiness.  “I’m happy because it was my first championships of France”, says the yougster. At 5. “My father was always on the bike. I followed.”

At 8, the biker starts its first official races. “Competition is what attracts me”.

On the grounds of Bouteville

On the cross country courses of the club of Bouteville, he perfected his art. And begins to enrich his trophy gallery.

Until the championship of France Cross Country 2016. “In the first race of the year, I finished first. Many people were then encouraged me to continue,” says the champion of France, who confirmed his dominion over the races.

At the summit in France, he sees Europe to open its doors next season. “I selected races in Portugal and Germany” . He got a glimpse at an international junior rider in Cahors. “I ended beyond the twentieth position”. But at 19, Thomas Baratange still has room for improvement. Especially as his title gives him right to the France team. “We participate in courses of 3-4 days everywhere to train.”

Today, to satisfy his passion, he composed with his professional activity. agricultural mechanic in Touzac, he gets on his 125cc at the weekend.

With its new status as top athlete, he could caress the hope of a professional. ” But to generate revenue, I must be part of a team.”

Currently, he is within a small team of friends who help him organize. “I’m with a friend, a former rider. He pays me the parts, equipment and takes me to some races.”

For now, this is the truce. Next season will begin in March. A period that Thomas Barantage leverages to train hard.

“A Bouteville, Guimps, Montendre, where on private land with friends,” recites the young driver, forced to rest for a few weeks, after breaking the second metacarpal foot in training. “The bike fell on me.” .

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