Formula 1: Reactions at Renault after the Spanish Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) finished 12th at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Spanish Grand Prix this weekend consolidated the dominance of the Mercedes, with the first place of Lewis Hamilton and the second of Valtteri Bottas. For its part, Renault experienced a new disillusion with its two drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) flew over the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday , taking the lead of the world championship to his team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who finished second, with the German cars leaving even more disappointing Ferrari cars. As for the Renault, they still fail to enter the points with the 12th place of Daniel Ricciardo and the 13th of Nico Hulkenberg. The reactions at the French team.

Daniel Ricciardo (12th): “  It was a frustrating race for me. At first, we had the upper hand in terms of speed on Sainz, and at the end of the first pass I could overtake him. We then went to the pits to put on hard tires and it made me come back pretty quickly. It was difficult to be late again at the end, where we had trouble in the last corner. We were surely faster than 12th place. In the end, it was not a good Sunday. The middle of the ranking is so tight, we had to do everything in the best way for a good result. We will meet and prepare for the next Grand Prix. ”

Nico Hulkenberg (13th): “We knew this race was going to be complicated from the start line. It was not a good race since we did not score, but it was good to have a normal Grand Prix. Confidence returns little by little, especially after a complicated weekend. So yes, it’s positive.  I could hardly fight for the points, with our last 10 laps in worn soft tires while the other drivers took advantage of the Safety Car to put new tires. I felt good on the track, it is a good omen before Monaco.  ”

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