Where is the European Union on Disability?

Where does the European Union stand on Disability and employment

Less than one disabled adult in two. This is the statistical Eurostat makes chilling. It represents the ratio of handicapped who had jobs in the European Union (EU) in 2016. If Europe does not rank decision-making, however, it may “define a framework and try to eliminate the inequalities faced by disabled people on its territory, “says Henri-Pierre Laguarrigue, head of the Europe cell association for social and professional integration of disabled people (Ladapt) .


Via incentive financial policies, the EU proposes to “promote education for all, to ensure equal treatment in the workplace or to subsidize the development of the accessibility of business spaces for disabled workers “illustrates the manager. To implement these incentives, the EU is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons 2006 . Of 28 member states, 27 have ratified, and France is one of them.

France, bad student

According to Laura Marchetti, responsible for social policies for the NGO European Disability Forum (EDF) , the latter is not a very good student employment of people with disabilities: “Of the 2 million Handicapped who have the opportunity to work in France, almost 400,000 are unemployed! “However, since the Act of 10 July 1987 , more than 20 employees that do not employ disabled workers up to 6% of their total workforce, are requested to pay a fine of up to 400 times the hourly minimum wage … which may give pause.

With 66.2%, Sweden and Luxembourg, Austria and Finland with 60% are the best students. “They are the best placed in employment and disability in European countries,” explains the responsible social policies of EDF.

If some are ahead on this issue of the employability of people with disabilities, others are still lagging recalls Laura Marchetti: “Hungary with 23.7% and Ireland with 29.8% represent the lowest rate in Europe today.”  With nearly “80 million European citizens with disabilities “, the EU has yet what to do in terms of employment policy.

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