Marion Maréchal Le Pen ready to work with Stephen Bannon, Advisor for Trump

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Marion Maréchal-Le Pen prepared with Stephen Bannon, for French Election

EXTREME RIGHT: The top adviser and head of strategy of the future American president wants to work with the National Front …

The election of Donald Trump has given renewed confidence the far right in France. After the resounding victory of the American populist, Stephen Bannon, campaign manager and right arm of Donald Trump, was quick to reach out to France. “We believe that France is the place to be.  With its young entrepreneurs, women of the family Le Pen … Marion Maréchal Le Pen is the new rising star “, stated on, who runs the site ultraconservative information Breitbart News.

A proposal that Marion Maréchal Le Pen could not refuse. “I say yes to the invitation of Stephen Bannon, director of the Trump campaign, to work together,” wrote Marine Le Pen’s niece in a Saturday tweet, first broadcast in English and French.





For an international movement of anti-immigrant white nationalists

Director General of the campaign team and now “top adviser and chief strategy” of President Trump, Stephen Bannon, 62, was pulling the strings behind the scenes. He has joined the team in August in favor of an overhaul of the Trump team, featuring leave the conservative news website Breitbart News, which has links with extreme right movements in Europe.

Relatively new in the conservative environment, experience with Breitbart it an important mouthpiece of the “alt-right”, a movement that brings together anti-immigrant white nationalists and people fiercely opposed to the “establishment” policy.

David Duke, an activist of “white supremacy” and former member of the Ku Klux Klan , has immediately welcomed this future collaboration by posting a message on Twitter.


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