The Assembly Adopted the Entire Budget in 2017

The National Assembly in France adopts the budget for 2017

BUDGET: A large majority …

The last budget of the five-year president, Francois Hollande was voted. The National Assembly on Tuesday approved on its first reading the entire 2017 draft budget by a clear majority of 287 votes against 243, similar to that for the only revenue side there is a month.

The opposition, which has challenged the “sincerity” of the goal of a return of the deficit in European nails, and the Left Front, which has blasted “liberal orthodoxy”, voted against.

Defeated in the Senate

The text, which provides tax cuts for households and businesses, the introduction of the levy the withholding tax in 2018 or an increase of appropriations for employment, security, defense or education and culture, from the Senate, where the majority of the right reject without discussion in detail.

The majority in the Assembly took that vote to attack the programs of the two finalists in the primary of the right, including that of favorite Francois Fillon.

“Who, besides François Fillon and right, tell us that two billion more for the job is a lot? “Exclaimed the speaker PS Dominique Lefebvre, between” recovery in justice “done by” left government “a right” liberal and punitive. ”
For LR, Hervé Mariton promised that the opposition would amount to “bad reform of withholding” in case of alternation in 2017, the Charles de Courson IDUs seek saying “in vain announced 50 billion savings” when responsibility pact in 2014.

A pro-business tax policy

The budget in 2017 was one of the most widely voted since 2014 and the turn of the pro-business tax policy, causing the birth of “slingers” PS.

Only ten of them, including the candidate for the primary or Christian Paul Benoît Hamon, abstained, against 39 two years ago. If Laurent Baumel has failed to “translate the overall disagreement on this budget and five-year tax policy,” Yann Galut, other support now Arnaud Montebourg, voted for this draft budget, “more social, with some advanced from the left “.

Most notably gained some showdown against the government on all provisions concerning “attractiveness” put forward to attract in Paris the City of businesses after Brexit, such as higher taxes on free shares or hardening of the tax on financial transactions.

She also passed a “Google tax” to the French.

The government could, however, return to the free reading in new shares.

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