Chateau-Gontier: “Ironing is a Full-Time Job”

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The five employees of services Entr'Aide in Chateau-Gontier

Entr’Aide services in Chatea-Gontier, which specializing in home service, offers training to its employees in ironing. The first five have wielded the iron yesterday afternoon.

It is almost 4.30pm at the Anjou room of the town hall annex of Bazouges. Five women of all ages train not just ironing, but also sheets and other shirts perfectly folded into baskets.

They are employees of Mutual Aid Association and services just follow a two and a half hours ironing. And although for the most part, they handle the iron with speed and dexterity in particular, the training was “interesting. Things we still have to learn, “ points out one of them.

It also allows “to meet and exchange tricks,” says Anne Wrinkled, the trainer. For example, “it takes iron inside,” she adds by addressing a duvet cover. “On board, it’s like a sheet, but it is longer. “ And then fitted sheet? It is also returns because “when you slip into a fitted sheet ironed, it’s not the same …”

It must also iron a shirt “and its folds” , dresses with frills, “this is the hardest” , a suit trousers … all in minutes. “A shirt, it’s three minutes with a steam iron, five iron with a classic.”

When one takes an hour or two at a particular and we have a pile of clothes waiting, do not be idle.

“And think about your positioning. We must set the table at the right height and place one leg forward, it avoids having back pain, “ continues Anne Wrinkled. ” And after one hour, stretches! “

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