An anti-alcohol and anti-narcotics operation on the roads of Mayenne

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Major operation conducted by the Gendarmes on the roads of the department of Mayenne.

As part of the fight against road accidents, the gendarmes will conduct a major operation on Friday, December 2, 2016 between midday and midnight in Mayenne. This action called “Alcohol and drugs: zero tolerance” aims to fight against addictive behavior.

“By end of this year, several accidents whose primary cause was the use of alcohol or narcotics have had serious consequences” , says Pascal Vidrequin, commander of the Gendarme squadron of departmental road safety (RDHS) of the Mayenne

Friday, 2nd December, the controls will be intensified on national highways, secondary roads, in urban areas, but also in the vicinity of nightclubs. The Vidrequin captain recalls that “every driver should be aware that it may, at any time and in any place, be screened for alcohol and narcotics” .

Non-compliance of priorities and speeding each represent 27% of the causes of accidents.Offences related to alcohol and drugs are the cause of nearly 20% of traffic accidents in the department of Mayenne.

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