The TV License Fee will Increase by One Euro in 2017

The TV Licence in France is to increase by one euro in 2017

The government wanted to increase the TV license fee by two euros in 2017. Finally, the contribution to public broadcasting will be up by one euro, after the opposition from Socialist deputies.

Finally, the TV license fee (now known as a contribution to public broadcasting) will see its value increase by only 1 euro in 2017 and not 2 euros as desired by the government. Last Friday, after heated debate, the Socialist deputies refused the increase of two euros, so “not increase the tax burden on French households.”

The amount of this contribution was 116 euros in 2007 (start of the Sarkozy presidency) and 125 euros in 2012 (beginning of the presidency Holland). Since 2009, the amount is indexed to inflation and it is in this capacity that increases in 2017.

Paid by 27 million people

The contribution provides 85% of the public audiovisual resources, primarily those of France Télévisions (France 2, France 3, France 5, France 4, France O …) to two thirds and Radio France for a little less a fifth. The rest goes to Arte, outside broadcasting (RFI, France 24) and INA.

It is paid by 27 million taxpayers who are liable for council tax and have at least one television set or similar (but not, for now, a computer to watch).

The television licence in France is to increase by 1 euro in 2017

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