European Parliament: A Ukip MEP Collapsed after “an altercation” with a Colleague

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Steven-wolfe of ukip hospitalised after an altercation at European Parliament

STRASBOURG: Steven Woolfe, favourite to lead the British anti-European party, lost consciousness and was taken to hospital …

What has really happened on Thursday at the parliamentary session in Strasbourg ? Steven Woolfe, favourite to lead the British anti-European party, Ukip, was hospitalized after an “altercation”.  According to the former party leader Nigel Farage, Steven Woolfe “lost consciousness” and was taken to hospital in a “serious” condition “after an altercation” with one of his colleagues from his party, “when in a meeting” in the premises of the European parliament.

This episode comes as the Ukip is in a deep crisis of governance , three and half months after the victory of Brexit at the referendum of June 23rd, for which the anti-European party was working ardently since its founding in 1993.

The police and the prosecutor in Strasbourg unaware

The person, 48, however, gave the following reassuring news, without mentioning any hassle. In a statement issued by his party, he said he had suffered a brain scan, the results were reassuring. “I feel good,” he said, adding that he only suffered a “numbness” in the left side of the face and that, as a “precaution” would remain hospitalized at least until Friday .

The discomfort of the British parliamentarian, occurred around 12:30 (10:30 GMT), was at least not immediately subsequent to the meeting he had in the morning with his colleagues at the Ukip. In between, he has indeed taken part in the votes in the Chamber, according to a document available on the Parliament website. According to firefighters, Steven Woolfe was again conscious by the time that help arrived. The police and the Strasbourg justice department reported not having been informed of this matter. The spokesman of Parliament, Jaume Duch, also said that he had no knowledge of any altercation.

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