Wearing Gloves is Mandatory for Bikers from 20 November

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Wearing Gloves is Mandatory for Bikers from 20 November 1

Wearing gloves are already part of the mandatory equipment necessary to pass the motorcycle driving licence since January 2013 …

Road Safety announced on Tuesday in a statement: gloves will become mandatory for riders and passengers of motorcycles and scooters, from the 20th November.

In France, 12% of riders of motorbikes and scooters, ride without suitable gloves, according to a TNS Sofres survey cited in the announcement of this decree.  The purpose of this decree is to limit serious injury to the hands and the forearms.  Road Safety stresses that hand injuries are very common since the first instinct is to put them ahead when projecting the ground.  In an accident, with thick gloves, hand injuries are reduced or avoided in 95% of cases for motorcyclists and 87% of cases for moped riders.

68 euros and a driver point

The absence of CE certified gloves may be punished by a fine of 68 euros and the loss of a point on your driving licence.

Bikers will have to wear gloves from November 2016

In 2015, 43% of serious injuries on the road, about 12 000 people were from riders of motorbikes or mopeds, while they represent less than 2% of the overall traffic on the roads, said road safety.

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