A Truck hits a Car in Saint-Martin-du-Limet

Local News
This Saturday, a truck collided with a car in Saint-Martin-du-Limet.

Saturday afternoon, when the truck was stopped at a stop in St. Martin-du-Limet, it restarts without seeing the car coming.

This Saturday at 12.45pm, in Saint-Martin-du-Limet, at the intersection of RD 771 (connecting Renazé in Craon), and DR 230 (linking Saint-Aignan-sur-Roe to Bouchamps-lès-Craon) , a truck stops at a stop. It restarts without seeing a car coming down the road on which it is committed, and thus comes the hit.

The truck blocked both lanes, traffic was stopped between 1pm and 1.45pm. The truck, registered in Ille-et-Vilaine, carrying cereal products. It was driven by a man aged 59 years old. The car was driven by a woman of 25, who lives in Craon. Neither driver was injured.

For safety precautions, the young woman was transported to Hospital of Château-Gontier.

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