A Young Driver Arrested at 169 km/h when it was Limited to 110

Local News
In the Mayenne, the police have removed three driving licenses on Friday, August 12.

In all, three people were arrested at the La Gravelle toll, on Friday, 12th August. Two of them were caught for speeding. A third driver was driving with a revoked license.

The Mayenne police watch over the roads, especially over the weekend of the Assumption. On Friday, they caught a 22 year old young driver from Laval speeding at 169 km/h on the A81 motorway. The young man who had only got his license a month before and was normally limited to 110 km/h.

Lorient a 34 year old was flashed to 153 km/h on the highway. He was also tested positive to cannabis. The police withdrew the licenses of these two drivers.

A third motorist was arrested by the gendarmes of the motorised platoon based in Laval. The 50 year old driver from Rennes, had been stopped for speeding, when the gendarmes found that he was driving whilst his licence had been revoked and was currently banned from driving.

The three drivers will be summoned by the court.

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