Summer Festival: Aznavour Charmed the Crowd in Trélazé

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Charles Aznavour entertained up to 35,000 people at the summer concert in Trélazé

Several thousand people cheered Charles Aznavour at its entrance on the stage of the Summer Festival, Friday, August 27, at Trélazé, near Angers. Two hours of shared happiness.

Between 30 and 35 thousand people came to applaud Charles Aznavour. At 92, he appropriates the stage with malice. Between songs, a playful or melancholy tone, he tells anecdotes that have marked his artistic life.

Aznavour is also the singer of love and tolerance and respect for others: his first song on stage is called  emigrants.  It ends thus:

How do you think they have done? They ended, leaving some of their genius in what man has always done more beautiful Made of greater Emigrants

His debut, difficult in France.  “So I went abroad and I had success. That’s why I’m interpreting you three songs in a foreign language.”  He sang well Mourir d’aimer in Spanish (Morir de amor ) Que c’est triste Venise in Italian ( sad Com’è Venezia ) and later, Tous les visages de l’amour in English ( She ).

There is always a touch of nostalgia that permeates the songs by Aznavour. But the voice is still there, and the verses are connected without dead time, except for some digressions on the passing of time and memory that the lam. Bluntly, the singer admits to use of prompters placed before him, enabling him to avoid some annoying white.

When he began Comme ils disent (As they say)  an extraordinary silence grips the public, probably surprised by the news of this text written in 1972. Over twenty songs follow one another, with historical titles as La bohème, Emmène-moi etc …

The spectators in large numbers, humming the tunes of French songs to great effect of the Summer Festival 2016, before the traditional fireworks which illuminated the sky of Trélazé.

Videos of some of the songs and the firework display are being placed on my Youtube channel, and I will also place some videos on here over the next few days.

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