Economy: 24,100 Jobs Created in France in Q2

The French economy got a boost, with 24,000 jobs created

The French economy recorded a fifth consecutive quarter of net new jobs. According to INSEE Friday, there were 24 100 new jobs (+ 0.2%) in the second quarter with a vibrant service sector.

These positive employment figures for the quarter are against the current of other economic indicators, while growth has stalled (0%) and hirings fell (-2.2%).

In one year, the commercial sector has created 143,300 payroll jobs (+ 0.9%), reaching 16.04 million positions. This is a level unprecedented since early 2012. The services sector, the main engine of private employment, has increased steadily since the end of 2014. From April to June, only the services have in fact created jobs (+37 800 excluding temporary + 0.3%).

Decline in the interim, the industry still affected

These creations make up the new job losses in industry (9700, -0.3%) and in construction (-3,500, -0.3%), lasting two affected areas. Factories have lost nearly a million jobs since Q2 2001, construction sites near 200,000 since late 2008.

As for temporary employment, which peaked late 2015, it fell slightly in the quarter, with 500 jobs lost (-0.1%). He had already destroyed 1000 Q1.

The Acting remains largely in the green on year, with 35,500 additional posts (+ 6.5%). Over the past year, the tertiary excluding temporary grew by 155,100 jobs (+ 1.4%), while industry and construction have respectively lost 33 900 (-1.1%) and 13 400 (- 1.0%).

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