Zika: Two cases of the Virus Reported to the University Hospital of Nantes, without any Symptoms

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A Couple have been found to be carrying the zika virus at a hospital in Nantes

HEALTH:  A couple of Bretons back from vacation in Martinique, showed no clinical sign …

They had no symptoms of the disease, which would be a first.  Nantes University Hospital are following a couple of Bretons who are carrying the Zika virus , carried by the Asian tiger mosquito, recounts Ouest-France on Tuesday . The woman was probably contaminated by her companion, but the latter, who showed no sign, learned almost by accident in late April.

According to Le Figaro , the couple returning from vacation on Martinique suffered a precautionary test as part of a medically assisted procreation, because the disease can have serious consequences on the fetus. “Anti-Zika antibodies are found in human blood, but not the virus itself, which is however present in his urine and semen, explains the daily. However, the virus circulates in the blood and urine of the woman and everything suggests that it has been contaminated after their return. ”

Vigilance must therefore be appropriate, even without any symptoms. “Back from a trip in a risk area, it is essential to protect each time before sex,” says Ouest France. The couple handed her child project.

Brazil, the country most affected

The outbreak of Zika, a virus transmitted by the mosquito  Aedes aegypti , expressed in Latin America in 2015 and quickly spread in the region. The most affected country is Brazil, with some 1.5 million people affected and almost 1 300 cases of microcephaly.

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