Rennes: A Special Convoy Stuck Under Bridge

Local News
A transporter got stuck under a bridge at Breal-sous-Montfort near Rennes, causing traffic disruption.

While the vehicle was leaving just towards Belgium, it got stuck under a bridge. Traffic was disrupted for many hours.

Ay 3.30pm, Monday, 20th June, a Belgian truck carrying two empty reels, but still each weighing five tons, was found stuck under the bridge at the entrance to Breal, after the roundabout of the Quatre Routes following a poor assessment of the deck height (4.46 m below).

The vehicle was returning to Belgium from Saint-Méen-le-Grand, carrying two empty electric cable reels had to unload them using special heavyweight trucks.

The accident caused significant disruptions in traffic late into the evening, despite the rapid intervention of the police, the West DIR and assistance of three specialised heavyweight troubleshooting trucks. 

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