Nantes: Labour law- Prefect Prohibits Parade after the demo Bouffay

Local News
The Prefecture has banned all demonstrations in Nantes

If no union protest is planned on June 14, an appeal for a gathering against the Labour Law is relayed on social networks.

The national protest call against the Labour Law is to join the demonstration in Paris (starting 13h Place d’Italie in the direction of Les Invalides). However, a call to gather for a “cocktail banquet  against repression ” at Place Bouffay at 7pm on 14th June is circulating on social networks. The prefecture has said that due to  ‘Notifications on Facebook and Indymedia page that relay the call to rally, where police violence is encouraged” , “the absence of prior notification in the prefecture of this gathering and the illegal nature of this protest,” and the likelihood that this gathering is“conducive to degradation” has banned all demonstrations in the streets of Nantes. “all parade which anticipate or extend the rally, announced on the territory of the town of Nantes on Tuesday, June 14th at 7pm, is prohibited “ , the prefect registered in the order.

It also prohibits the carrying and transport of items that may constitute weapons .

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