Brexit won with 51.9% of votes (final results)

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51.9 percent of Britons have voted to leave the EU in brexit referendum

Britons voted 51.9% of the vote to leave the EU, against 48.1% for staying, according to final results released Friday morning by the electoral commission.

17.4 million people voted for the Brexit and 16.1 million to remain in the EU.

Results of the Brexit referendum

A kingdom divided

Results of the British referendum on the European Union show a UK deeply divided, with London, Scotland and Northern Ireland who voted to stay while the north of England and the Country Wales voted output.

  • England . England has voted to output, especially north and southeast where the discourse on immigration has brought  results in Sunderland, in the northeast, among first known, showed 61.3% support for Brexit.  They were followed by a series of votes for the “leave” (out) through the north of England, including Sheffield was yet tipped in favor of . remain (stay) Birmingham, the second largest city, also voted narrowly for Brexit.  Manchester city made an exception by voting to stay in the EU to 60.4%.
  • London City- cosmopolitan world of 8.6 million inhabitants, the British capital has overwhelmingly voted in favor of maintaining the EU, about 60%.  financial and economic Heart UK, the city saw the membership of EU as a benefit to do business and travel freely throughout Europe.  “the referendum showed the social and cultural gap between London and the English province. A cosmopolitan and social liberal Britain has been battered by a more conservative part and very anxious to immigration “ , said analyst John Curtice policy at the BBC.
  • Scotland: The Europhile Scotland, as expected, supported the holding to 62% against 38%. And as also expected, if Brexit, is already positioned to claim a new independence referendum.  The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said Friday that at dawn Scotland saw “its future in of the European Union”
  • Wales: the Welsh has majority support an EU output but its capital Cardiff voted to stay with 60% of votes. 
  • Northern Ireland  Northern Ireland has voted to maintain in the EU, at 56%.  Sinn Fein, former political showcase of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), immediately called for a referendum on a united Ireland after the vote favourable to British Brexit.  the Republican party has stressed that the EU referendum had “enormous consequences on the nature of the British state” knowing that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for remaining in the EU.  The EU has injected billions of euros to support the Northern Ireland after the peace agreements of the “Good Friday” of 1998, which had ended three decades of sectarian clashes between Catholics and Protestants who have more than 3 000 dead. 
  • Gibraltar: British enclave in southern Spain, which fears being isolated from the rest of the continent and whose economy depends largely on its relations with the EU, voted 95% for maintenance in the Union. 

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