In the Maine-et-Loire: Thirteen Petrol Stations Requisitioned

Local News
Thirteen petrol stations were requisitioned in Maine-et-Loire from Friday 20 May

In order to “prevent any supply problems” of fuel, thirteen petrol stations of Maine-et-Loire are subject to a requisition.

The prefecture of Maine-et-Loire announced that thirteen petrol stations  “are the subject of an order as of May 20th, 2016”. 

Objective? “Preventing any supply difficulties of petrol and diesel and ensure the smooth functioning of emergency services such as fire and rescue “

The stations that are affected are the Total stations in La Baumette in Angers, Leclerc in Saint-Jean-de-Linières, Intermarché Ponts-de-Ce, Esso, Total and Géant Casino in Cholet, Intermarché in Beaupréau Super U in Gennes, at Leclerc in Sainte-Gemmes-d’Andigné BP in Verrières-en-Anjou Elan at Lion d’Angers but Total and Leclerc in Saumur.  These stations will limit fuel distribution to individuals, until they have a minimum stock of 30% in diesel and petrol for the benefit of emergency vehicles, namely fire, rescue, public security and ambulances.

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