Fuel shortage, “Sell 15 Litres of Petrol to 225 €! “

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15 litres of petrol is being offered on the site LeBonCoin for 225 euros

A Finistérien from Lanvéoc posted on Friday night an announcement both funny and unbelievable; “Sell a canister of 15 litres of petrol for 225 €! ” And he explains why…

“In a time of fuel shortages looming, I would offer you my petrol can with fifteen litres of SP95!  My great goodness, I will except € 225, or about 10 times the normal price … “

We laughed and at the same time as gritting our teeth.  A Finistérien from Lanvéoc posted on Le Bon Coin , Friday 20th May in the evening, an ad for the petrol, full of dark humour.  In its explanatory text, the person appears obviously prefer walking: “Personally, I do not need petrol (I drive a diesel),  and I know I can move, with my legs, and possibly a bike for long distances.

Attention, the price is ” not negotiable ” .

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