Rennes: 2 Dead in head-on collision

Local News
Tragic road accident near Rennes, left two dead and three hospitalised

A frontal collision when overtaking left two dead and three wounded in Guichen, Ille-et-Vilaine, near Rennes, on a main road.

It was about 9.50pm on Saturday night when a Peugeot 106 with two men aged 37 years travelling on the D 766, in the direction Guichen in La Chapelle-Bouexic. Having arrived at a place called The Taupinais in Guichen in a slight curve left, the driver of the 106 overtakes a Citroen C3 which is in front of them.  He swerves and will hit a car coming from the other direction. The impact has sent the 106 into the ditch. Both occupants were killed instantly.

Three injured hospitalized

In the other car that was struck the three people, two aged 19 and 21, and a 9 year old child were wounded. They were transported to the University Hospital of Pontchaillou, Rennes. Their injuries are not life threatening.  The two retired occupants of the Citreon C3 were also hospitalized for shock.  Firefighters have mobilized significant resources including two rescue vehicles to remove the victims and the injured of crashed cars.  A detour had been put in place during the operation until the road was cleared.

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