Nantes: New Demo announced Thursday, No Trams in the Afternoon

Local News
There will be no trams or buses in the centre of Nantes, because of fears of trouble from protests

For fear of further outbursts, no tram (or bus) will serve Nantes City Centre from 2pm to 9pm on Thursday …

A new call to rally against the proposed Labour law by the Minister Myriam El-Khomri was set for Thursday afternoon at 4.30pm at the miroir d’eau in Nantes.  Unlike last Saturday, this appointment is not at the initiative of trade union and student organizations but a call on the Internet.  A town parade is possible depending on the mobilization.

Public transport very disturbed

Given the excesses of recent events , Semitan took the lead by announcing once again breaking all lines serving the hyper city center, 2 pm till 8 pm Thursday.  The Line 1 tram will be stopped between stations Manufacture and Médiathèque, Line 2 between stations 50 Otages and Hôtel Dieu, line 3 between the stations Bretagne et Hôtel Dieu.  No relay tram bus will be put in place, “for security reasons,” said the TAN.  This will be in force from 2pm, announces the Loire-Atlantique County Council.

The next big date which will be National mobilisation, and being organised by the trade unions against labour Law has been set for the 28th April.

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