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Damage aboard a Ferry. 600 people Diverted to Cherbourg

The ‘Normandie’ ferry from Brittany Ferries, suffered damage on Monday forcing it to turn back with almost 600 people on board.

The damage aboard a ferry occurred at a switchboard on a Brittany ferries ship from, Caen to Portsmouth with 493 passengers and about 110 crew members on board, according to the maritime prefecture and the company. Two injured crew members, one who who was burnt whilst intervening at an electrical panel and another with intoxicating poisonous fumes. The two men were hoisted and transported to the University Hospital of Lille. Their condition was not specified.

Because of this damage, the ship was diverted to the nearest port, Cherbourg, which it should reach during the night of Monday to Tuesday.  The ferry is able to make its own way to the port and does not require the assistance of a Tw boat, the company said.

However, for security reasons, the ferry, ‘Normandie’ was joined by the Abeille Liberté, a tug of intervention, according to maritime prefecture. Once in Cherbourg, passengers will spend the night on board and disembark on Tuesday morning, according to Brittany Ferries, who was looking on Monday night  for an “alternative solution” for their crossing.

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