with Brexit, Brittany Ferries has increased freight traffic

Brexit: Brittany Ferries Increases Freight Traffic from Le Havre, Cherbourg and Roscoff

To avoid the risk of congestion in the “Brexit” scenario, Brittany Ferries is increasing its freight capacity by 50% in three French ports, including Le Havre. The announcement follows an agreement with the British Ministry of Transport. To prevent the risk of monster truck plugs before boarding for the United Kingdom in the event of a ”  hard Brexit “, the shipping company Brittany Ferries announced […]

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Off the coast of Normandy, A passenger from Brittany Ferries' ship had to be hoisted.

Normandy: Medical Evacuation on a Passenger Ship off the North Cotentin

Sunday 17th June, at just after midnight, the Navy helicopter, based in Maupertus intervened on the Brittany Ferries “Bretagne” ship to evacuate a passenger in infarction off the Cotentin. On the night of Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th June, at 10 minutes past midnigth, an alert is launched by the ship Brittany Ferries, Bretagne  off the coast […]

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A dock strike paralyzed the port of Saint-Malo

A Dock Strike Paralyzed the Port of Saint-Malo

Due to a strike by dockers in Saint-Malo, the shipping company Condor Ferries canceled its crossings to Jersey, Guernsey and Poole until Sunday, December 3rd 2017. Brittany Ferries also canceled its St. Malo crossings / Portsmouth. Maritime traffic is interrupted to Jersey from Friday, December 1 afternoon due to a dock strike in the port […]

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Brittany Ferries is confident and investing in its future

Brittany Ferries “Confident” in the Future

If Brexit invites, Roscoff is right to be cautious in the short term, though good results allow it to invest. Passenger traffic jumped in Normandy last year. The dark years seem behind Brittany ferries. After a plan to return to competitiveness in 2013, the company based in Roscoff (Finistère) displays a passenger activity increased for […]

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Brittany Ferries have ordered a new ferry from Germany for the Caen-Ouistreham - Portsmouth.

Brittany Ferries Order a New Ship from Germany

TRANSPORT: Brittany Ferries, the Cross Channel Operator based in Roscoff just announced the order of a new ferry … Brittany Ferries, the Cross Channel Operator based in Roscoff just announced the order of a new ferry.  At 185 metres long and capable of carrying 1680 passengers, it will be assigned to the line Caen-Ouistreham to Portsmouth route. Breton […]

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Dockworkers on are strike at the port of Ouistreham

Ouistreham: Dockworkers on 48 hours Strike Tomorrow Morning

Dockers of the Brittany-Ferries renew their strike for 48 hours. Tomorrow Thursday, 26th May, they will block cargo trucks. But not passengers … Ouistreham dockworkers have decided to continue their strike for 48 hours, from tomorrow Thursday,26th May from 6.30am to 11.30pm.  The Same for Friday, 27th May, “But we will let passengers pass” says the CGT. […]

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Dockers are on strike at the ferry terminals of Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers on strike in Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers Ouistreham, Cherbourg and Le havre could renew their motion from Tuesday and harden leaving no access to the car ferries. All day and until 11.20pm, Thursday 19 May, the dockers of the Brittany Ferries terminal at Ouistreham block access to car ferries for all trucks carrying cargo. They mobilized against the forced passage of […]

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Damage of the Brittany Ferries 'Normandie' ship will disrupt crossings

Damage of the ‘Normandie’: 12 Connections between Caen and Portsmouth canceled

The unavailability of the “Normandie” until Sunday, 17th April forced the company to cancel twelve connections between Caen and Portsmouth. The damage on the Normandie will take longer to fix than expected . Consequently, the connections between Caen and Portsmouth will be disrupted until Sunday, 17th April 17.  The company will contact all affected passengers […]

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The Normandie ferry of Brittany Ferries, suffered damage on Monday forcing it to turn back with almost 600 people on board.

Damage aboard a Ferry. 600 people Diverted to Cherbourg

The ‘Normandie’ ferry from Brittany Ferries, suffered damage on Monday forcing it to turn back with almost 600 people on board. The damage aboard a ferry occurred at a switchboard on a Brittany ferries ship from, Caen to Portsmouth with 493 passengers and about 110 crew members on board, according to the maritime prefecture and the company. Two […]

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