Chantiers de Saint-Nazaire: A Historical Order for 4 Liners for 4 Billion Euros

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More contracts for the Shipbuilding firm STX in Saint-Nazaire

A big contract made ​​by the shipowner MSC must be formalized on Wednesday afternoon. Minister Stéphane Le Foll confirmed …

The ceremony attended by the management of MSC and STX shipyards, organized on Wednesday afternoon at the Elysee augured good news. This is a very large order, historical, that will formalize the Swiss-Italian shipowner. Stéphane Le Foll, Agriculture Minister and government spokesman has already detailed: it is an order for four new ships, up to 4 billion euros.

These cruise ships will be even bigger than the MSC Meraviglia, future largest passenger ship of a European shipowner, currently under construction at shipyards.These four giants additional seas – which form a class of ships called “World Class” – will be long 335 meters wide and 47 meters, and will offer more than 2,750 passenger cabins. They will also be equipped to operate LNG, liquefied natural gas.

This gigantic order could represent 37 million working hours. It “represents a charge level until 2026” and “3,500 jobs”.

Les chantiers de Saint-Nazaire enregistrent une…


An announcement comes as the STX backlog has grown considerably in recent times. ”  Until 2020, we can not take any additional work for the ship yard. The site is full, we fail to hold up in, “affirmed Laurent Castaing, Director of STX France in early February. Since then, he had mentioned the possibility of outsourcing blocks to other European yards.

In total, STX’s order book already contained eight ships to be delivered by 2020: MSC for four, two for RCCL and Celebrity cruises for two. The most advanced of these is the Harmony of the Seas, the future biggest cruise ship in the world, to be delivered in May to US RCCL.

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