8 out of 10 French against Hollande’s bid for 2017

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8 out of 10 French do not want President Hollande to stand as a candidate for President in 2017

According to an Ifop poll published in Le Journal du Dimanche, 8 out of 10 French do not want Francois Hollande as a candidate for the next presidential election.

In that poll published Sunday in Le Journal du dimanche , 54% of respondents want “not at all” the candidate of current President Francois Hollande and 26% “rather not”, while 6% are “not sure” and 14% ” yes, somewhat “.

Harshest Critics are Artisans and Merchants

Among the surveyed of those who are members of the PS, 53% are against the participation of President of the Republic in the presidential election of 2017. This percentage reached 91% in supporters of Republicans and 89% of those of the National Front. According to the socio-professional categories, it is the most hostile craftsmen and traders (86%) for the candidacy of François Hollande in 2017.

But 67% think it will candidate to the question “Do you think Francois Hollande will run for the next presidential election? “67% of respondents said ” yes “(52% ” probably yes ” and 15% ” yes, definitely ” ), against 33% take the opposite view (10% ” no certainly not “and 23% ” no probably not ‘ ).

Who will Succeed ?

Finally, if François Hollande was not to be a candidate for his own succession, then what about Emmanuel Macron, which seems to have the largest potential electorate (34%) of individuals left .  The Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron, comes before Manuel Valls (28%), Nicolat Hulot (26%), Martine Aubry (25%), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (22%), Arnaud Montebourg (16%) and Cécile Duflot (10%).

The survey was performed according to the method of quotas from April 7 to 8 by internet, with a sample of 991 people aged over 18 years representative of the French population.

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