Weather. It will be Fair this Sunday in the West

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Mild weather is forecast for most of France this Sunday

The weather will be fine in the North-West of France on Sunday and it will rain in the Southeast and Corsica.

Brittany and Pays de Loire, after the freshness and potential mists of early morning start to clear, the sun will be out for all of the day.  There will only be observed just a few grey clouds passing along the coast of the Channel.  Météo France announces that it will be generally dry weather and rather light this Sunday over France except in some areas such as the South-East where it will rain.  There will be clouds of increasingly gloomy nature that parade the southern Alps to the edge of the Gulf of Lion. They will lead to showers in the afternoon in the region. Corsica will also maintain a mixed weather front with the northerly wind, moderate to strong enough to the coast, and sometimes a downpour inland.

Clouds in Aquitaine, Massif Central and Rhone Alps

On the south of Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees, Massif central and Rhone-Alpes in the North East, between the grey clouds in the morning and during the afternoon, the day looks rather mixed. A small downpour is not excluded late in the afternoon on the terrain massif Central and the South-west.  The sky will be more cloudy in the Pyrenees and it will end up snowing slightly above 800/1000 m.  In the central part of the country, the clouds will diminish as the hours pass, but the weather will remain dry and bright.

It will be mild at the seaside

Sunday morning, under cover, temperatures will start between +1 and -1 degree, small frosts are expected inland.  It will be milder on the coast and beaches, up to 5-9 degrees on the Mediterranean coast.  The highest will reach 13-16 degrees in the Southeast, 11 to 14 degrees in the southwest and  8-12 degrees forecast for the rest of country. However, on a large northern half under moderate wind Northeast,  the temperatures will be probably feel a little cooler.

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