Chateau-Gontier : Caught Speeding at 157 km/h instead of 90

Local News
Driver caught speeding at Chateau-Gontier by the gendarmes

A driver was arrested in the morning on Sunday 13th March. He was speeding on the road to Château-Gontier to Laigné.

Sunday, 13th March at 10.20 am, the mobile brigade of Chateau-Gontier has arrested a driver on the RD22 towards Laigné.  The car was travelling at 157 km/h instead of 90 km/h.  The driver had just bought the vehicle and was doing a test of the car with his brother. The man, 51, living in Château-Gontier, was stripped of his license immediately. He will be summoned to court at Laval, later to face charges.

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