Laval: CCTV in Operation in May

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CCTV in laval will be in operation in May

Already connected by fibre optics, the 17 CCTV cameras shall come into operation in early May. They will cover the very centre of Laval.

Who can view the images?  “The use of images is strictly controlled” warns Aurélie Varrain, Deputy Director General.  Clearly, only the prosecutor or a police officer have the option of viewing on requisition.  A local storage facility, for the storage of the images will be installed at City Hall.  In practice, the video records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the images are stored for 30 days, which is the maximum statutory term.  In addition they are automatically “crushed”, ie destroyed after this time period.

What area of the city will be involved?  The successful perimeter was set after a safety audit developed in partnership with urban transport (themselves have a system of CCTV), the municipal and state police and the CCAS.  In other words these are the areas most exposed to delinquency of facts, including the place of 11th November, often cited.  Overall it’s the main centre of the city that is first concerned (see infographic).  Once the results have been obtained on its effectiveness and a consultation with the local population, the scope may be expanded to cover a larger area.

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