Calais: An Afghan Man Dies after being Hit by a Truck

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An Afghan migrant was killed after being hit by a truck in Calais

A man of 22 years died this March 31 after being hit by a truck on the ring road of Calais …

This is the second tragedy of this kind in 48 hours, and this time it was fatal. An Afghan migrant aged 22 years, died near Calais on the morning of Thursday 31st March after being hit by a truck on the A16 . According to the prefecture, the truck “would have fled.”

According to AFP, the young man was part of a group that was sheltered in the makeshift camp set up in the heath of Calais (the “Jungle”). The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais said that he was discovered in cardiac arrest around 6:00 am and could not be revived by emergency services (MUG)

The security forces are currently looking for the lorry involved in the accident, which was travelling in the direction Calais-Dunkirk.

intrusion attempts repeated since March 30

Meanwhile, it was learned that the police had to face since Wednesday night repeated attempts of invasion from the ring road by migrant groups. They try to slow down the traffic in order to get inside the truck, with the approach of cross-Channel ferry terminal.

Police had to intervene Thursday morning to evacuate using water cannons and tear gas, as shown in this video made ​​by our colleagues from Nord Littoral.

Les migrants ont envahi la rocade portuaire le… par groupe-nord-littoral

This type of intrusion was rare since the evacuation in late January , the part of the migrant camp installed immediately near the port of Calais bypass.

A score of migrants have died in the area since June

On Tuesday, a Syrian boy aged 16 was seriously injured after a collision with a truck in Calais. According to the prefecture, his prognosis was not committed on Thursday.

Since late June 2015, twenty migrants seeking exile have died in the Calais region, said AFP, whilst trying to reach England.

Some 3,500 migrants live in the moor of Calais, according to the latest census conducted prefecture on March 21 after the dismantling of the southern part of the camp. Of these, 1,850 live in the temporary reception center (CAP), the Jules Ferry and centre in tents civil security.

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