RSI written to a Retired Carpenter to pay him “Two Billion Euros”

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The retired carpenter is still waiting for his refund from the RSI

The régime social des indépendants, RSI, still has not transferred to the retired carpenter the whopping amount announced in its letter …

A retired carpenter from  Saint-Bonnet-le-Courreau, near Lyon, received a surprising letter from the social security scheme for self-employed, Régime social des indépendants ( RSI ) that Newspaper Le Progress published on Thursday.

In the letter, dated 21 December 2015, the organization announced that his account “has a credit balance of 2,170,204,912.00 euros” and invited him to send his bank details to receive the tidy sum.  That is what he did, according to The Progress , which specifies that a month and a half later he still has not received a penny.

Was it a mistake on the part of the organization? Only time will tell …

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