Alzheimer's: The United States authorizes a long-awaited new treatment

Alzheimer’s: The United States Authorizes a Long-Awaited New Treatment

REVOLUTION: This drug, marketed under the name Leqembi, is recommended for patients who have not yet reached an advanced stage of the disease Good news for millions of patients. US health authorities on Friday authorized a new Alzheimer’s drug aimed at reducing cognitive decline in patients suffering from this neurodegenerative disease, a much-awaited treatment after the failed launch of a previous […]

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A first double transplant of the arms and shoulders performed on a man in Lyon

Lyon: A First Double Transplant of the Arms and Shoulders Performed on a Man

A 48-year-old Icelandic man on Wednesday became the first person to have both shoulders and both arms transplanted. The intervention was carried out on Wednesday in Lyon The first transplant of all the arms and shoulders was performed Wednesday in Lyon on a 48-year-old man. This Icelandic father, once an electrician, had both arms amputated at […]

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The future of medical tourism in France

The Future of Medical Tourism in France

Medical tourism to Europe and especially to France has become an increasingly popular alternative to the American healthcare system. It doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to understand that the medical system in the United States is a wildly contentious issue that offers little to those that cannot afford the steep prices for even […]

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Marisol Touraine has announced an increase of 11 percent of new doctors being trained in France

A 11% Increase in the Number of Trained Doctors

A generalized increase in the number of doctors in training was announced by Health Minister Marisol Touraine. In all, 478 places will be available, an increase of 11% in addition to the increase decided a year ago to some areas. The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, announced on Thursday in the National Assembly a generalized increase […]

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Google honor Breton doctor and inventor of the stethoscope, René Laennec

Quimper: Google Honors the Breton Inventor of the Stethoscope

Breton doctor born in Quimper (Finistère) and inventor of the stethoscope, is being honoured this Wednesday, February 17 on Google, 235 years after his death. The home page of Google on Wednesday, February 17, shows the Breton physician René Laennec, inventor of the Stethoscope, among other important medical discoveries.  A breakthrough the Breton doctor was born on 17th February 1781 […]

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