Paris: The police now Equipped with Assault Rifles

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Paris police officers of the Anti-crime brigade will be issued with assault rifles

After the attacks of Paris, Police Equipment of anti-crime brigades in the capital has been strengthened. They now have assault rifles.

Two hundred and four assault rifles, 1,474 helmets and ballistic visors, 1835 bullet-proof vests: the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Monday presented the new equipment provided to anti-crime brigades (BAC) of the Prefecture of Paris in the part of the BAC-level PSIG 2016. “Merely to embody the public authority, by the uniform you wear, enough to make you the target.  Some criminals that you face no longer hesitate to use against you heavy weapons, real weapons of war against which you must have adequate response and protective material “, said the Minister to the police at the presentation in the police station in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.  The equipment includes Rifles HK G 36IBC, which will be provided for the first time to the BAC, previously they were reserved for the elite intervention forces, 1474 ballistic helmets and visors, 1835 bullet-proof vests, 241 door plates and flexible ballistic shields both resistant to Kalashnikov rifles. These new ways, with deliveries spread until the end of June, also will include 116 tasers, 134 defence ball launchers, 981 telescopic defense sticks, 25,200 ammunition for short-range defence.

€ 17 million

All for a total of “17 million euros” , said the Interior Minister who was accompanied by the Minister of Overseas George Pau-Langevin.  “It was necessary that you are able to replicate the Kalashnikov weapons fire that some criminals no longer hesitate to use against you “, said the Minister.  These allocations are part of the BAC-level PSIG 2016. ” the BAC and should PSIG in fact able to act as quickly as possible reinforcement of the first engaged patrols, particularly when we are confronted with mass killings “, said Bernard Cazeneuve. ” this requirement imposes a tight mesh of course, and a very fine articulation between police and the gendarmerie, so that the whole territory is covered. That’s my main goal, and I would even say that it is my obsession “, he added. The Minister of the Interior asked in this regard that attention be devoted to ” the development of a national coordination scheme of GIGN intervention forces, RAID and BRI “ .

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