Le Mans: This 29 February, Bug made Free Buses and Trams

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Due to a bug, transport on trams and buses in Le Mans was free today, 29th February

A computer bug has affected this Monday the entire network of Le Mans and has enabled thousands of users to free travel …

Thank you the 29th of February? The thousands of users trams and buses of Le Mans (Sarthe) have benefited on Monday a day of free public transport because of a computer bug that affected the entire network .

Asked about the issue, Jean-François Soulard, chairman of the Setram, confirmed this failure while asserting ignore the cause, especially if it was due to a disturbance of the computer program linked to the date of 29th February.

Still, the “validators”, these small electronic enclosures where we present the tickets, vehicles of the urban transport network of Le Mans city posted red all day the two letters “HS” for “out -service. ”  All non-subscriber users were able to use it without paying the transit agglomeration of Le Mans, which total tens of thousands of trips each day.

The question is whether the bug will continue on Tuesday 1st March.

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