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Rennes: Five years in Prison for Drug Traffickers

The criminal court of Rennes sentenced on Tuesday four men and a woman who provided the Maurepas district of narcotics. Weapons had been seized.

On 15 December, Rennes to the police conducted a crackdown in the Maurepas neighborhood inRennes. The investigations began in June, when a mother had complained of threats against her child by dealers

A shotgun and € 13,800

Four men, aged 19-30 years, and a woman, considered the “nurse” (the one who hides drugs), were placed in custody. Five kilos of grass, 64 g of cocaine, one kilogram of MDMA, the synthetic drug were seized. The investigators also found several firearms, including a shotgun, and a sum of € 13,800 in cash.

On Tuesday, five people appeared before the Criminal Court of Rennes. The primary dealer that supplied the area in significant quantities, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. His accomplices were sentenced 30 months and two years of detention. The “nurse” was sanctioned by a sentence of 18 months, eight of which were suspended.

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