Oléron: A Fake Colonel of the Foreign Legion Unmasked

Local News
A 60 year old man faked being a colonel in the Foreign Legion

The 60 year old had invented a life in the Foreign Legion and had prepared a fake costume with fake decorations to attend various ceremonies …

His motives remain unclear. Nevertheless, this 60 year old managed for two years to deceive the world, posing as a former colonel of the Foreign Legion, reported Wednesday South West. This allowed him to attend the patriotic meetings in municipalities of the isle of Oléron, or participate in veterans meals without pay.  On his card he readily distributed, was written the name of Aramis Saint-Gilles Roulin …

He claimed former agent of the intelligence services

On his fake uniform, he had pinned the Legion of Honour and the National Order of Merit. He also claimed to be a former agent of the intelligence services.

Finally, he drew the suspicions of fellow former soldiers from the military. After a search by the gendarmes at his home last Thursday, he was remanded in custody for “illegal wearing of uniform and decorations, titles and attendance of functions.

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