Girl choked by a Toy: Kinder will Cooperate with the Investigation

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Kinder to cooperate after girl dies on kinder surprise toy

After the death near Toulouse of a girl who ingested a part of a toy found in a surprise egg, Ferrero Group announces it will work closely with the Justice …  

“In agreement with the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, the Ferrero Group will cooperate fully and closely [to] investigations”. This is the assurance on the early evening Wednesday by the brand’s parent company, after the death of a girl who ingested the wheel of a toy found in a Kinder surprise egg.

The terrible tragedy took place on Saturday 16th January, Saint Elix-le-Chateau, south of Toulouse. The girl, aged three and a half, playing in her living room when she choked.  She died at the hospital from irreversible brain damage.

Autopsy performed Monday

Her death was made public on Tuesday by the Gendarmerie. On Wednesday, Cécile Deprade, the prosecutor of the Republic of Saint-Gaudens, said the results of the autopsy performed Monday confirmed that the death was due to a “mechanical asphyxia” caused by ingestion of the piece of toy.

Security priority “number one” Ferrero

Ferrero recalls in its statement that “the safety of consumers and especially children is her number 1 priority and that it strives to provide the safest products possible, going beyond regulatory requirements. “

The global giant Kinder Surprise distributes warning that they are not intended for children under three because of the presence of small parts and recommends adult supervision.

The little girl will be buried Thursday in a place which was not specified, a source close to the investigation.

No Kinder Surprise in the United States

The packaging of Kinder Surprise stipulates a ban on children under three years and advocates adult supervision. Because of the toy/commodity mix, the United States has never authorized the marketing of Kinder Surprise, nor the galettes des rois (king cakes).

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