Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Hundreds of Anti-Airport Protesters at Nantes Court

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Almost 2,000 anti-airport protesters gathered outside the courthouse in Nantes.

Large mobilization of anti-airport protestors, Wednesday in Nantes court where the expulsion request of fifteen inhabitants and farmers  of Notre-Dame-des-Landes is examined …

At just after 10 am this morning, more than a hundred people are already gathering before the court in Nantes. The first banners are deployed. Everything so far is calm.

More than a dozen police vehicles are parked on the left the courthouse.  Many CRS police units are positioned remotely in case they are needed. Reinforcements have came specially from Lyon and Normandy for the occasion.

“Mr. President, it is not too late”

Sylvain Fresneau activist of the ACIPA, who opposes the main association of the airport project has a message for François Hollande: “Mr. President, it is not too late. You can still intervene to stop it all. ”

The national secretary of Europe Ecology Greens was among the demonstrators. There is also the Green MEP Yannick Jadot or regional councilor Sophie Bringuy present giving their support.



Guard of honour for families

The families and farmers who are trial arrived at the court at 10.43am to the applause of the now dense crowd numbering several hundred supporters.  A guard of honour of fifty meters is made ​​for them.

The Several hundred anti-airport protesters are now on site and in great spirts . Great atmosphere. They all start singing interupted with screams “we will win, we will win.”   Even three tractors have made the trip to the centre of Nantes in solidarity with the other protestors

Decision January 25th

As soon as the court had started at 11am, the judge indicated that no decision would be made today on the removal of the farmers and the families still living in the area of the airport projest at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

There will be three options, says the judge: “Either I order the immediate expulsion or I send to the Court of Cassation and the procedure is suspended several months, I grant a delay or suspension of execution.”

The majority of inhabitants of the area have agreed departure

As commented by the l’association pro-aéroport Des Ailes pour l’ouest, the majority of the inhabitants of the area have agreed to leave, negotiating with Vinci-AGO contractor.

Among the inhabitants facing eviction are parents living with their children but also elderly, like Alphonse, born in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and lived there all of his life.

As explained from an earlier counsel of the families and expropriated farmers. They had “no prospect of urgency to leave their farms” because they thought they were protected by the famous agreement to freeze any evictions until the exhaustion of remedies. And it is “impossible to transfer operating in a limited time,” insists the lawyer.

It is swarming with people in front of the courthouse

At midday, Protesters are still continuing to arrive at the court in Nantes. They is now about 2000 protestors, in good spirits. The atmosphere is festive. A mobile canteen is in place.

As the hearing continues, elected environmentalists are seen dancing the gavotte in court. And the pro-airport scoff at Twitter.

The Case Continues …


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