Lille: Police Stops the Tour de France of Chinese Prostitutes

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Lille police stops the Tour de France of Chinese prostitutes

Five Chinese nationals were arrested in Lille, in an investigation into prostitution of Chinese women in several cities in France …

According to the Voix du Nord, five suspected pimps, a Chinese national, were arrested Jan. 26 in Lille, as part of an investigation by the judicial police and the border police (PAF).

Their special feature: They are suspected of belonging to a network that prostituted dozens of Chinese women in several cities in France. Raids have also taken place elsewhere, said the regional daily, Angers (49) Niort (79), Toulon (83) and Aubervilliers (93).

Une organisation «stakhanoviste»

On January 28, it was also learned that five Chinese pimps were indicted in Toulouse for similar offenses committed from a massage parlor, following an investigation by the PAF. It is unclear whether the two waves are related arrest.

In Lille, the investigation started in early 2015 with the reporting of suspicious activity in several apartments in the district of Fives. A qualified rhythm of   “Stakhanovite”by an investigator, women were transported directly from China and supported by pimps.

After a period of activity in Lille, the network has moved to other cities in France, as an organizational “itinerant” booming lately. The prostitution activity would also be relocated to Lille once during this sordid turn of France.

Dozens of Chinese women have been recruited by the network, of which ten were interviewed in Lille. The 5 pimps arrested January 26 had to be brought before a judge, January 29, for a possible indictment.

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