For the First Time, bottled Water Sold more than Sodas in 2015

Bottled water sales have overtaken the sales of sodas in 2015

Sales of bottled water accounted last year, 21% of all soft drinks sold in France …

In France, in 2015, it has sold more bottled water than bottles of colas. A first, says the daily newspaper  Les Echos, which has today publishes the results provided by the Danone Group.

“For the first time in 2015, the French have spent more money on buying bottled water than they do on buying colas,” confirms  Cécile Beliot-Zind, Director of Danone Waters division.  Appraisal: sales of bottled water have posted a good 5.4% in value, “representing 21% of all soft drinks sold in France.”

Cristaline, soda taxes and heatwave

Tax on sodas (which have affected the sales of these drinks since 2012) and the milder temperatures in 2015  would explain, according to research firm IRI study, this boom in bottled water aside.

Another explanation, advanced this time by Les Echos, Cristaline water, the industry leader, attracted the French with their prices “three times lower than those of its competitors.” In fact, other brands have stepped up promotions to stay in the race.  A financial argument that flows from source to consumers who have thus preferred water to overpriced sodas.

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