Is this the end of diesel in France

Automobile: Is This Really the End of Diesel?

Porsche has just announced the end of the diesel engine on its bestseller, the Macan SUV. And this is not an isolated case. Statements to this effect are multiplying. The “Dieselgate” never stops making waves. This scandal, created by Volkswagen’s lie about the polluting emissions of its diesel engines , has discredited diesel as a whole. And since the politicians got involved in the debate, the spirits ignited: […]

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The French consume less alcohol than previous years

The French Consume Less Alcohol than Before

In 2016, the French have significantly reduced their alcohol purchases, the biggest decline since 2007, while their alcohol consumption is becoming more casual, a study of the industrial organization moderation! published Thursday. According to the 2017 barometer of consumption of alcoholic beverages, 2016 has accelerated the decrease in volume of 1.8 liters on year to 70.7 […]

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Purchasing power has fallen for 8 out of 10 French

Consumption: For More than 8 out of 10 French, Purchasing Power has Fallen

POLL: Only 12% of respondents believe that their purchasing power has increased … The purchasing power remains a key concern of the French. More than eight in ten French (81%) feel that their purchasing power has dropped in recent years, according to an Ipsos Sopra Steria poll released Thursday. Respondents are 12% believe that their purchasing […]

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Bottled water sales have overtaken the sales of sodas in 2015

For the First Time, bottled Water Sold more than Sodas in 2015

Sales of bottled water accounted last year, 21% of all soft drinks sold in France … In France, in 2015, it has sold more bottled water than bottles of colas. A first, says the daily newspaper  Les Echos, which has today publishes the results provided by the Danone Group. “For the first time in 2015, the French […]

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Wine consumption is highest in Loire and Poitou-Charentes in France

Wine: The Loire and Poitou-Charentes Top Consumer in France

Most litres consumed annually per capita … According to a study by Bonial, the top wine consumers (all typesof wine) are the inhabitants of the Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes.  With 21,60 Litres per person per year, they are ahead of the people of Brittany and the Northwest, which consumes 19,20 litres and Central West at 17,52 […]

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