Calais: CRS Injured in Clashes with Migrants

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CRS Officers clash with migrants in Calais

The prefecture estimated that between 100 and 150 migrants are behind projections in the “Calais Jungle” …

Officers from the CRS were wounded early Sunday afternoon by projectiles launched by migrants near the “Jungle” in Calais, it has been learned from the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais.

“There was early afternoon clashes between some migrants who tried to enter the 100 m zone and who wanted to degrade some protections around the ring road on the edge of this band of 100m” said the prefecture, confirming a report by France 3 Nord / Pas-de-Calais.

“Many launched projectiles”

The authorities built this new boundary in January, a wall of 100 m of wire fencing to provide greater visibility to the security forces to prevent intrusions on port bypass, where migrants trying to board boarding trucks for Dover.

“The security forces quickly intervened. There have been many projectiles thrown at the police by migrants. On this occasion, a CRS officer was hit by a projectile, he is likely to suffer a fracture of the elbow, “said the prefecture.

“Between 100 and 150 migrants aggressive”

The number of migrants involved was about 500 people, but the prefecture estimated “100 to 150 in the most aggressive, who are originally projected.”  The clashes started around 2:15 pm, but the CRS had got the situation calm at around 3pm, the source said.

About 4,000 migrants, mostly from Eastern Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan, live in the “Jungle” in Calais, considered the largest slum in France, hoping to reach the England, which they consider an Eldorado.

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