A Teenager of 15 Intercepted at 160 km/h on the A7 in the Drôme

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A teenager was intercepted at 160km/h on the A7 at Drome

The teenager was travelling aboard an uninsured car and without a belt …

This is an inquiry that had let the police speechless. It was around 4pm on  Friday when the gendarmes of the rapid response team spot on the A7 road, a Fiat Stilo travelling at great speed at Saint-Paul-les-Trois Châteaux, in Drôme, heading  Southbound.  They end up intercepting the speeding car travelling at 160 km/h, and discover driving a boy aged just 15 years.

A series of offences

The teenager, who also had his aunt aged 32 years sitting next to him, did not have their seat belts on.  The car is registered in Italy, but they had no paperwork on board, so it is not sure who it is registered to, or if circulation on the roads is guaranteed, reports Le Dauphiné Libéré. 

The vehicle was stopped by the police and the young offender, who explained to want to go in Vaucluse, should be summoned to court for this series of traffic offences.

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