Promotions: Free, Orange and SFR Slashing Prices before Christmas

Promotions from the mobile operators before Christmas

Mobile operators are selling their many promotions for the holiday season …

A few days before the holiday period, and all the mobile operators slashing prices with many promotions.

Latest offers dated? That of Free, which offers its 4G package with 50GB internet to 3.99 euros per month for a year instead of 19.99 euros, says Clubic.

The operator, which gained 800,000 subscribers extra in the mobile market in the first quarter 2015, made ​​this offer available via the site Vente-Privee.  However, customers should hurry because this reduction will be available until December 7th at 7pm.

Sosh, Red and Virgin Mobile also …

But competitors are not far behind. Just like Sosh, low-cost subsidiary of Orange, which offers 10 euro discount per month for one year on its plans to 19.99 and 24.99 euros, reports Le Figaro.

The same for the low-cost brand of SFR group. Red, which supply fibre at a proposed price of 9.99 euros per month for twelve months instead of 29.99 euros. But be careful, you only have until Thursday night!  As with Free, unlimited 20 GB Red package passes 3.99 euros per month.

On the side of Virgin Mobile, the cheapest package pass from 7.99 to 1.99 euros and the most expensive of 24.99 to 9.99 euros for a year. 

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