France has the Highest Unemployment Rate Since 1997

Unemployment increases in France once again

With a jump in Unemployment figures of + 0.2% in the third quarter of 2015 …

According to Insee, the rate of unemployment is at its highest level since 1997, after rising in the third quarter 2015 by 0.2%, or 10.2% of the workforce in metropolitan France.


Overall, unemployment has increased by 0.2 points over one year in France, and also 0.2 points from the previous quarter, 75,000 more unemployed. INSEE has recorded 2.941 million unemployed in France.

A margin of error of 0.3 point

This increase affects all age groups but particularly affects young active (+1 point in the 15-24 years compared to the second quarter). This is the highest rate since the last quarter of 1997. These developments are analyzed with caution as they are within the margin of error of +/- 0.3 Statistics INSEE.

INSEE figures differ from those of the pole Emploi,the employment centre here in France, because they do not measure unemployment in the same way: the Pole emploi identifies job seekers registered on its lists while INSEE measure its rate from a survey conducted quarterly to 110,000. Only the rate of unemployment by INSEE is recognized internationally.

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