New Warning against a Brexit, Leading in Polls

Thirteen British Nobel prize winners warn against a vote for "yes" for Brexit

Thirteen British Nobel winners warned on Saturday against …

Thirteen British Nobel winners warned on Saturday against a Brexit that would put scientific research in the UK “at risk”, a new warning issued when the light of exit from the European Union is widely given in head in a new poll.

In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, the group of scientists believes that “the prospect of a loss of EU funding is a major risk for the British scientific research.”

“Science fuels our prosperity, our health system, our innovation and our economic growth,” warn the researchers, including physicist Peter Higgs Nobel Prize winner in 2013 and biochemist Paul Nurse, awarded in 2001.

“The claims of pro-Brexit under which the Treasury would fill this hole [in funding] are naive,” they add, noting that the proportion of UK GDP given to research is already at “well below the average of countries EU and OECD countries. ”

Their warning comes a ORB survey for online newspaper The Independent, which gives the “Yes” vote for Brexit leading by 10 points, twelve days before the vote on the 23rd June.

According to the institute, which is based on an online survey of 2,000 people, 55% of Britons are in favour of leaving the EU, against 45% are being opposed. A previous ORB poll for The Independent in April, gave a slight lead to yes (51%).

If the average of the polls made by the site WhatUKThinks it gives the supporters of maintaining the EU and advocates a Brexit elbow to elbow 50% of recent opinion polls have reported ‘ Leave a progression of the camp, the British currency plunging and sowing panic in the headquarters of the pro-EU.

– “Please do not go” –

Lord Rob Hayward, parliamentary and respected expert on elections, said that “the probabilities are inclined to vote out” of the EU. He said the polls might well underestimate the support Brexit.

“I think we will win”, prophesied Friday evening on BBC head of anti-European party Ukip, Nigel Farage, who made an exit from the UK to the EU target of his political life.

John Curtice, a professor at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and specialist in the study of the polls, called for its part to remain cautious about the idea of an increase in pro-Brexit camp.

Faced with the threat of a Brexit, supporters of maintaining the UK in the EU have raised the tone Friday.

Very discreet until then, the British Labour Party was emancipated from its leader Jeremy Corbyn, accused of defending without much enthusiasm a holding in the EU to toughen its anti-Brexit position.

“We must redouble our efforts,” commented Vice President of Labour Tim Watson on the BBC. A Brexit “would lead to a fiscal emergency, further cuts in the public sector and tax increases,” he had said earlier in the day, based on a report by the Institute of Studies budget.

Der Spiegel, the leading German magazine, as he implores Saturday the British to make the choice to stay in the EU, in a special issue largely in English.

“Please do not go” ( “Please do not go”), as the weekly influential A flag of the Union Jack in the background.

In an interview with the magazine, excerpts of which were released on Friday, the German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble warns the United Kingdom that “it is in inside, outside is outside,” and therefore the country will be most of the benefits of the European single market if Brexit.

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